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Warm Greetings,

Interested in learning or sharing about different religions and paths of spirituality? Are you a Witch? A Cowan, a Wiccan or a Seeker, or are you training to become a Shaman, or trying to reach that enlightened level as attained by Buddhist or Taoist? Are you a healer, or wish to learn more of healing? Then join us on the Wolfpath. Come, share, learn, grow and just make friends.

The path of the wolf is an ever changing path, but it is an honest, protective, and caring path. I have created this path so that many may come together and share what lies within each of us. Knowledge, life, love, laughter, and healing.

It is a wonderful feeling to make a friend, to become a part of the pack. You see a wolf knows how to be a leader, a teacher, and a guide, but the wolf also knows how to listen and to be the student, and when to follow.

The wolf knows and respects nature and all that live with in nature...we should learn to live as the wolf:)

Religion and or spirituality is a personal path; but for our planet to heal, to survive we all need to learn other paths and to share our path. Education is one of the keys to help fight prejudice and slander and propaganda!

Walk here to educate others with love and respect or to learn with an open mind and heart:)  Learn about or share ... Wicca/Witchcraft/Paganism... Christianity ... or Shamanism and Buddhism and more:)

May you walk lightly on this magical earth we have been granted and may you always walk with love in your heart.

The Wolf Path is an exclusive site. Members only. It is confidential and honorable. It is a wonderful place for those that are new to the Witchcraft, Paganism, Wicca to learn from many that are knowledgeable, sharing, honest and fun people to learn and share with. Some request for memberships are has mainly been an invitation only. If you feel like you truly wish to learn. If you feel like you have an open mind and honest heart then please will be approved as a member. If not then walk in peace.

Please check out the forum link above to learn more about the educational and interesting things shared at the wolfpath. Check back often for things will be added after discussions and chats.


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